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VERANO - Mission Vitamines
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- Put the leaves in the calabash

- Cover the opening to create a slope

- Insert the straw

- Pour hot water

Listoooo! Your mate is ready 🧉


Other questions ?

What is mate?

Yerba mate (yer-bah mah-tay) is a plant cousin of tea that stands out for its balanced energizing effects, nutritional profile, taste and unique infusion method.

Yerba Maté is native to northern Argentina, Paraguay and southern Brazil. It is consumed in a traditional way in these cultures and is mainly based on the values ​​of sharing and friendship.

Our Yerba Maté is grown by a fourth generation farming family in the province of Misiones, northeastern Argentina.

Do I have to drink my Mate from a calabash?

No way ! Some people put it in a tea ball or a teapot for example. The calabash, however, allows you to live the real Maté experience. In particular, it allows you to add a larger quantity of Mate, to benefit from the stimulating effects of Mate, and to reinfuse it all day long!

How many times can I brew my Mate?

Where after 2 infusions the tea will generally lose all its taste (especially industrial teas with artificial flavors), Maté re-infuses very well. If you only wet part of the leaves during your first infusion, you ensure the taste for the whole day!

Can I drink my Mate in the evening?

So yes… but it is good to remember that Mate has stimulating effects, and can prevent some people from sleeping if drunk late in the day. We recommend consuming it in the morning, for a day full of energy. To keep for fiesta evenings!