Maté guide


What is the mate?

Third most consumed caffeinated drink in the world, the mate is a very popular drink in South America.

Mainly known for its energizing virtues, the Maté (also called "Yerba Mate") is drunk in a mate cup using a filter straw.

The preparation of the mate, a real ritual

The traditional mate is preparing by infusing between 25g and 50gr of Yerba leaves matted in a mated calabash (the container). Once prepared, the drink sips using a filter straw called Bombilla.

The great peculiarity of the mate is the possibility of infusing it many times (up to 15 infusions for the same preparation).

The large maté followers use a mate thermos or a thermal in addition to re-infuse their mate all day without having to heat water.

Yerba Maté

The lexicon of matero

Matero: Regular mate consumer

The calabasse: This is the container to drink the mate. The most widespread calabashes are: traditional calabashes with squash interior and stainless steel calabashes.

La Bombilla:It is the filtering metal straw to drink the mate.

The Maté Yerba:It is the original name of the plant in Spanish. In literal translation, it gives' grass to maté ", but we reassure you, it is very legal! :)


The taste of the mate

If it was necessary to describe the taste of the mate, we would say that it is between green tea and coffee. Often surprising the first time, it is a taste that you quickly learn to appreciate, like beer, coffee or wine.


The virtues of the mate

Powerful and long -term energizing, the mate promotes concentration and helps stay in shape all day.

These special energy properties are made possible thanks to the combination of caffeine and theobromine (another energizing molecule).

Unlike coffee, the mate therefore does not cause any peak of excitement or "bar": a mate and you left for the day!

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An increasing drinkPOPULAR

Much appreciated by athletes, it is not uncommon to see stars of the round ball such as Lionel Messi, Antoine Griezmann or Cristiano Ronaldo with a mate in hand.

The Maté also makes followers beyond the borders of football: the pope, Barack Obama, Gisèle Bundchen ... We no longer count the personalities who get into it and we understand it when we discover all the virtues of this drink .

Discovery kit

I would like to discover the mate, what to orient me?

We composed an ideal discovery kit to start: a maté Yerba (3 aromas of your choice, a thermos, a bombilla and a calabasse)

Important : Unlike 90% of the brands of Maté, the Yerba of El Mathe, are hand over one by one in order to choose only the best herbs and avoid harvesting too much dust.

* Our production is located in northern Argentina. We work with a family business.

A mate = all day

Unlike classic tea and infusions, the mate is drunk in multi-infusion. It is therefore enough to add hot water to its calabash throughout the day without having to change the grass to be able to enjoy the drink. At the question "When to drink mate?", Our answer is therefore all day or in the morning before going to work, moreover we advise to stop the mate after 18 hours to avoid possible insomnia.



Maté and coffee are recognized for their energizing virtues, however the feeling of energy provided is not exactly the same. Indeed, the mate combines two energizing molecules, caffeine and theobromine, conferring a pleasant and long -term energizing effect on the mate.

If many think that caffeine is the coffee molecule and there is nothing because caffeine is a natural stimulant that we find in more than 60 plants. The terms matein, tea or even guaranine (which can be found in Guarana) are language abuses and refer to the same molecule: the 3.7-Trimethylxanthine(caffeine).

Theobromine, on the other hand, is an energizing molecule which diffuses more slowly in the organism. Theobromine is known for the feeling of good humor provided, we also find it in cocoa.

If you wonder why chocolate and mate make it happy, now you know. :)