What taste for your mate?

Ideal for discovering the mate, its taste is a balanced mixture between that of green tea and coffee. The mate is one of the three drinks containing the most consumed caffeine in the world, behind coffee and tea.


Do your Matés all the same benefits?

Yes, our matters all have the same benefits: Long-lasting energizing, antioxidant and burnt burning.


What is the origin of your mate?

Our mate has its origin in Argentina.
Today, it serves above all as a social bond in the country. He notably supports the Gauchos (guardians of herds from the South American plains) during their task, and allows to pass the time as well as to animate social circles.


How should you prepare your mate?

  • Step 1: Heat water between 70 and 80 ° C
  • Step 2: Fill your calabash to two thirds with maté leaves and form a well with its Yerba.
  • STEP 3: Place your bombilla in the calabash (a straw designed to consume the mate) while blocking its end and then pour hot water.


What are the essential accessories for drinking mate?

Traditional method

To prepare a mate, you need:

A calabash: it is a rounded container designed to consume maté. It was traditionally dug in a type of squash of the same name.

A bombilla: it's a special straw designed to drink the mate. It has a filter created to retain Yerba leaves and thus prevent them from swallowing them during consumption.

And of course, mate!

The thermos in Maté is also a very useful accessory if you want to reinfuse your mate at any time of the day, without having to redo water.

Alternative method

Aren't you a fan of the traditional method? No problem, in this case the infuser is a must.


How much mate can you consume daily?

In traditional consumption with calabasse and bombed, we advise not to exceed 1 l of mate per day, the equivalent of a mate thermos.


What is shipping time for your products?

The processing and delivery of the order takes between 2 and 3 days.


Are you shipping all over the world?

Yes, we deliver all over the world.


Where do we send your product from?

Our offices and our warehouse are located in Neuchâtel, Switzerland.


Do you provide information on product tracking/tracking?

Yes, from the third day after your order you can ask us for a follow -up of your package by email at this address:hola@elmatheofficial.com


I received a damaged article: what can I do?

If you receive a damaged package, simply send us an image of the article in question at this address: hola@elmatheofficial.com, And we will send you a similar article in replacement as quickly as possible.


I still have not received my order. What is going on ?

Sometimes international expedition can take longer than expected due to customs clearance, and we are sorry. You can nevertheless trace your order in order to find out at any time when it is. For any additional information, you can send us an email to the following address: hola@elmatheofficial.com


Can I change my order?

If you wish to modify your order after making the payment, you can contact our customer service at this address: hola@elmatheofficial.com. We will do our maximum to satisfy your request as soon as possible.


What is your refund policy ?

We make it a point of honor to try to solve every problem that our customers could encounter with their articles. If you still wish to obtain a refund, we can of course come into matters in the event that your request was made within 30 days of the date of the order, and the items concerned are not sold. If you want more information, you can read more via this link concerning our refund policy "Link here ».