The story of El Mathe


1995: a family story

During my first 10 years, my life was divided between Uruguay and my native Argentina. During this period, I don't have a single memory of a meal without mate on the table.
It was a real tradition, a moment of sharing and conviviality that gathered us all the time of a privileged moment with the family.
When we decided to settle in Switzerland, it is with regret that we had to leave this custom behind us, simply because there was no store that was marketing from the grass to Maté.
During these years, consuming maté has missed a lot in my daily life, both for its many benefits on the body as for its unique taste, and all that it symbolized in my eyes.

2021: the click

Over time, the mate has gradually started making its appearance in Europe and Switzerland, but despite many tastings, I never managed to find the typical drink of my home, the one that mentioned so beautiful memories .

In 2021, I decided to take my companion to Argentina to present my family to him, and make him discover my roots. It was during this trip that we had the click together at the origin of this project: we will market our own mate!

From this moment, it was with great passion and enthusiasm that we went in search of the ideal grass that could delight the palace of all, while keeping this powerful taste characteristic of the traditional maté.

El Mathe production, Argentina

2022: The adventure begins

The months that followed, so I embarked on the search for the perfect mate. During this period, I was happy to meet local suppliers truly passionate about their work that taught me a lot about the culture and conservation of the Maté grass.
For them, having the opportunity to share their product with the rest of the world was a real joy, because it represents decades of family and investment know-how.
After many meetings and several tasting sessions, we have finally managed to find our perfect mixture: not very dusty, from responsible production and with subtle flavors halfway between coffee and tea.
Our beautiful story could start!
My life.