Mate preparation

Video tutorial

The traditional preparation of the mate always seems a bit complicated at first, but it is actually quite simple.

Here is a video that explains in the 1min2020 how to prepare your mate.


Yerba El Mathe

How to prepare a mate?

The Maté is preparing by infusing the Maté Yerba (Maté leaves) in a calabash or in a thermomated. You must first fill the container to two-thirds with mate leaves, then insert the bombilla. Then just add non-boiling hot water and infuse.

Here is a complete guide with everything you need to know to prepare a good mate.

Mate preparation

What does it take to prepare a mate?

  1. A calabash : The container in which the infusion is prepared. Originally in a squash (hence the name "calabasse", there are today all kinds of materials).
  2. A bombilla : The filter straw that allows you to drink the mate without letting the leaves pass.
  3. Mate : This is the plant that we infuse to prepare the mate.

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Steps Maté


Summary: Mate preparation steps

Bring a calabasse, a bombilla, hot water and Maté Yerba

Pour the Maté Yerba

Dosage level, you must then fill the calabash to two-thirds with matted yerba.

Put your hands on top and shake everything while turning the calabash a few times (image 2). This aims to mix the mate leaves well and remove part of the powder, because some matters contain powder.

After mixing, make sure that the grass forms a heap on the side of the calabash (image 3)


Place the bombilla

Now comes the time to insert the bombilla (the filter straw) in the mate.

A small detail before putting the bombilla: pour a little lukewarm water on the hollow side of the mate. This moistens the leaves at the bottom and allows the Maté Yerba to keep its shape over the infusions. This also serves to avoid "burning" the leaves (and therefore, degrading the taste of the mate).

Once the water is poured, place the bombilla on the hollow side of the calabasse, and no longer move it later.

Tip: plug the top of the bombilla with its thumb at the time of insertion makes it possible to prevent mate leaves from passing through the filter.


Pour hot water and savor the mate

Last step (and surely the most obvious): pour water to infuse the mate. (Image 4)

To do this, it is enough to gently pour hot water on the hollow side of the calabash. There is no need to wait a long time. You can drink mate after infusing about thirty seconds, but be careful not to burn.

The mate can then be infused several times (up to ten, depending on the quality of the Yerba). You just have to change the leaves when they no longer have a taste or when you have finished drinking mate for the day.

It is for this reason that the use of a thermos is extremely practical for the consumption of the mate.