5 raisons d’amener ton maté dans ta prochaine aventure!

5 reasons to bring your mate on your next adventure!

Yerba mate is definitely your new favorite adventure companion. Find out why we can no longer leave without bringing some with us in our luggage!

1. To stay focused on what matters!

Mate offers a lasting and balanced awakening. Keep your focus on the road for long hours, while enjoying the feeling of natural well-being that Yerba Mate provides. Make the journey as pleasant as the destination by sipping this unique infusion.

2. The friend you can take anywhere!

Fill your bag with mate sachets, and never worry about running out of energy again. You'll definitely want to keep this friend close for whatever occasions arise. Long night? Improvised hike? Was the tent more difficult to set up than expected? Yerba mate is here for you!

3. Nature in its purest form!

Yerba mate resonates with nature. Its herbaceous taste makes it the perfect partner for paddle board sessions, hikes or camping weekends.

4. Connect: Deeply

Let's raise our mate at the right times! The traditional South American infusion invites us to anchor ourselves in the present moment. For us, nothing comes close to a mate around the fire, on top of a mountain or between two adventures!

5. Big night yesterday!

It's time to replace your usual medication with something more natural and effective. Let the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants found in the mate leaf do the work for you. It's the best way to rehydrate yourself and stock up on energy for the next day!


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