Yerba Maté : Probablement ton meilleur allié naturel pour tes entraînements! 💪

Yerba Maté: Probably your best natural ally for your workouts! 💪

Yerba Maté has attracted more and more interest in the world of sport in recent years. From Lionel Messi (who you may have heard of) to Antoine Griezmann, there's a bountiful list of top athletes who really seem to benefit from Yerba Mate as a pre-workout drink.

Although there are few scientific studies on how Yerba Mate can have a positive impact on physical performance, there are a good number of facts that clearly demonstrate that Yerba Mate is one of the best allies for your workouts!

Here are three good reasons why Yerba Mate is probably the best natural “pre-workout” on earth!

It is naturally rich in caffeine;

Scientific studies have shown that caffeine can improve physical endurance, high-intensity exercise and muscle strength. Most of the world's top athletes say that consuming caffeine is an essential part of their routine to be at the top of their game. The recommended dose varies depending on body weight, but is generally 200 to 400 mg, taken 40 to 60 minutes before a workout.

The presence of theobromine;

Theobromine is a bitter alkaloid, also found in cocoa, which is a mild stimulant. While caffeine and theobromine have similar effects, the main difference is that caffeine has an effect on the central nervous system, while theobromine specifically affects the muscles.

Yerba Mate is even more incredible before a spinning session! Theobromine is a powerful bronchodilator (which opens the airways in the body) and is known to regulate your blood flow. We're not doctors, but in other words, theobromine is an amazing natural compound that can improve your breathing and blood circulation when you need it most.

This natural herb can help you recover faster;

Yerba Mate is known for its multiple benefits on overall health. The plant is naturally full of 24 vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, and acts as a natural anti-inflammatory. These large amounts of beneficial nutrients definitely have a positive impact on physical recovery!


Although we often feel like it is, Yerba Maté is not a magical drink like Michael's Secret Stuff from Space Jam. Yerba Mate will not magically make you 5 times better, faster and stronger. On the other hand, if combined with a good routine, enough sleep and a good diet, it can definitely help you achieve your goals and become a champion in what you do!

We are convinced that Yerba Maté is the best natural “pre-workout” in the world!



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