Les athlètes boivent de la Yerba Maté: Découvrez pourquoi!

Athletes Drink Yerba Mate: Find Out Why!

Consumption of yerba mate is good before, during and after training. This unique infusion allows you to perform better and recover better! Integrate this magical plant to your sports routine and you will see a real difference.

Before training

The leaf infusion allows you to get all the vitamins, minerals, salts and sugars you need to perform on the field. We have created an energizing ready-to-drink format containing 130 mg of 100% natural caffeine from the plant. By starting your training with our infusion, you will definitely have the energy necessary to be at the top of your performance.

During the performance

Yerba mate is known to help regulate blood pressure. Mixed with the unique effect of theobromine which acts as a natural muscle relaxant, your body will have all the elements to be in a balanced physical shape, ready to perform.

After physical exertion

The mixture of alkaloids present in the mate leaf allows us to say that it also acts as an anti-inflammatory. Treat your body to a natural infusion that helps you recover faster.

Yerba mate is much more than a plant. It’s a super plant that fuels your ambitions! 🚀

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