Envie de perdre du poids sans vous priver ? Le maté est là pour vous aider !

Want to lose weight without depriving yourself? Mate is here to help you!

The slimming impact of the infusion during exercise

In 2023, a study was carried out to study how this drink could affect the fat burning during exercise. The subjects ingested 1000 mg of mate, compared to the control group which took placebo, 60 minutes before exercise.

The group that took mate capsules saw a 24% increase in the oxidation of fatty acids . This study therefore confirms that consuming mate before sport significantly increases fat burning!

Mate and weight loss: an appetite suppressant plant

Consuming this herb before exercise improves appetite control and satiety measures.

Although often overlooked, satiety is very important for weight loss.

It's fair to say that our overall energy intake is important, but not feeling the need to eat certainly helps to decrease food intake.

A slimming infusion thanks to its multiple benefits

Research also indicates that drinking mate may help treat obesity and diabetes by stimulating metabolism, leading to a reduction in cholesterol, glucose and fat (triglycerides) levels in the blood.

A study was conducted to study the effectiveness of this infusion in obese subjects.

They received yerba mate capsules three times a day over a period of 12 weeks. This study had very promising results! The group taking supplements saw a 3.6% decrease in mass body fat and a 3% decrease in body fat percentage compared to the placebo group.

The drink that improves your gastrointestinal health

Gastrointestinal problems can be one of the reasons for weight gain and keeping it too high. Mate helps both repair gastrointestinal and tissue problems, while stimulating digestion. Suffering from acid reflux or ulcers, we often eat more because it can temporarily reduce pain.
Additionally, constipation can also cause weight gain by making you feel tired and bloated, which can make it difficult for you to perform any physical activity or other form of exercise. Yerba mate improves the health of the digestive system and restores normal transit, which is also an important factor in weight loss.


It has several benefits related to weight loss. It boosts metabolism, which causes your body to use more energy and burn more fat. It also prevents water retention thanks to its diuretic properties.

However, one of the most important effects is that it helps reduce your overeating and/or snacking, making you feel full and allowing you to feel fuller over time.

In conclusion, mate = a natural ally for weight control ❤️‍🔥!

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